An Associate Member’s Permanent Covenant: ”It is in giving that we receive.”

In the Prayer of St. Francis, we hear the words…. ”it is in giving that we receive.” This was a true reality for a few of us Sisters, family and friends that had the privilege to join one of our Associate members as she made her permanent Covenant with our Congregation.

Our first contact with Tori was as a young nurse in one of our sponsored hospitals. At that time, we were recruiting nurses to assist our mission in Senegal, which was attempting to cope with the demand of basic health needs in rural settings. This was no easy task! Being at our mission in Senegal meant living very simply, learning to best identify with another culture and acquiring the skill of speaking French. Tori all the same stepped forward and volunteered a year of her young life to the cause.

Now, move the clock of time several years forward . . . Tori is now a wife, mother and one who is coping with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Despite the diagnosis, Tori continues to radiate love to all who encounter her. She has in her room a small card on her wall that says, All things are possible,” which she lives by with each new day. As she made her life Covenant in our presence and surrounded by people her life has touched in nursing, parish and neighborhood, the question arose in all of our hearts: who is blessing who here at this moment?